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A busy Autumn

November 2018

It has been a busy month at the wood. We have cleared the barn for the arrival of our two gorgeous gals, Mabel and Maud. They came all the way from Devon in the back of the horse trailer and were a bit timid about the barn, a bit of food helped them along. They have already started bossing the boys. After a little bit of good nature butting the large does have established their place. Now we wait for the kids.

With some amazing help Harvey and I managed to take the family away for a week in mid November. I’d like to thank my mates Issy, Jane and Helen for looking after the wethers in our absence and I am sorry now for Mr Rat who made an appearance by running over their feet. We really are going to have to find a way to discourage him from using the barn as his hang out. I am very close to considering an RSPCA cat to do the job but I think it might be fairer on the cat if I employ them in the Spring. The squirrels have also been a pest this month. They have stripped the bark on four of our young oak trees so badly that Harvey has had to severely lop them. We hope they’ll recover. Add to that the egg thieving and the metal bin lid lifting (I jest you not!) they are proving to be a worse pest than the rats.

We have drilled a few new oak logs and planted our mushroom spores.

I also pushed a few snow drop bulbs and wild garlic seed into the ground in the wood. I am hopeful they will spread in time and give us some more to enjoy when we are busying ourselves.

Harvey has finished building the compost loo. It really is too good for its purpose. Lighting, running water and a phone charger! We might have to make it Harvey’s home office. The most exciting thing about having the loo and the sink is that we can finally start inviting members of the public to enjoy the wood. Winter isn’t the best time to be foraging and helping out but we are going to have a dry run with some willing friends, all of whom have been selected because they give us some honest feedback!

I was on the Woodland Trust website looking to see if there was anything I could forage this late in the season. The usual sloes came up but also Hawthorn and beech nuts. Must confess I had not ever considered these so I am going to give them a go. The beech nuts need to be roasted and the Hawthorn I will freeze for some jar filling later in the year. They suggested acorns too! If the squirrels ever leave us any we could try those too. Maybe I should be grateful.

We are now putting together our plans for activities at the wood and inviting some of our more honest friends to give a Woodspace day a go. We will report back.

We are also proud to reveal our new logo. Check it out on our home page. Woodspace is now a thing…well, almost!