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The Full Story

Harvey and Fran bought Hail's Grove nearly ten years ago and have enjoyed planting trees, raising animals and having friends and family at the wood since. Now we are looking to share this space as an accredited Care Farm and invite visitors to help us create a special place for them to work and pass the time. A 7.5 acre plot of woodland and meadow is a natural haven for wildlife and trees. In addition it is now a small holding with a small barn housing our friendly Angora goats. There is always plenty to do but this is always at your pace.  The rewards for your effort; fine company, a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

Woodspace Activities

Things to do

Woodland management

The hazel needs coppicing, the larger logs stacking. The blackberry brambles and nettles go mad in the Spring and the general woodland management is a year long project.


We have four Angora goats, Bert, Ernie, Wu and Otto. They are soon to be joined by others. here is always a water trough to fill or some feeding and cleaning to be done.

Hazel hurdles and mushroom logs

More manageable specific activities always need doing. Sifting the fleece for straw, hazel hurdling to reinforce the boundaries and log drilling to accommodate mushroom spores to name but a few of the tasks to be done. 

Growing Fruit and Vegetables

We are at the early stages of a small holding but have the fruit cages and greenhouse in place. Aside from all the wild fruit available to pick we intend to create a harvest of our own.

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Opening Hours

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Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm
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10am  till 1pm or

10am till 3pm

How to find us and how to make contact

Hail's Grove, Whittonditch, near Ramsbury, Wiltshire


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